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Why we are small, yet significant

We are human beings: intelligent and advanced. We have evolved incredibly as a species, physically and mentally. We have created vaccines that prolong life, constructed language and culture, walked on the moon that is thousands and thousands of miles away from Earth, climbed Mount Everest, taken flights all around the world, captured glimpses of our lives through photography, created the Internet that expanded our knowledge and made communication easier and much, much more.

On one side – we’re small. We are one species out of millions on the planet Earth itself not including the unknowns outside the Earth. There is an abundant amount that we have yet to discover directly. There could be something greater and the universe is too grand for us to deny it.

On the other side – we’re significant. Thus far, we are the only known advanced species. Out of all the possibilities in this universe, we are here, as human beings on Planet Earth, surviving, learning and progressing through our complex reasoning abilities and intelligence. We haven’t discovered the majority of this world, but from what we have discovered, there is a great deal we can infer. That is the beauty and power of our mind.

Here is a little perspective.

Small, yet significant

The Observable Universe

Within the observable Universe there are an estimated 170 billion Galaxies

And within the observable Universe there are 10 million Superclusters

Within the Superclusters there is the Laniakea Supercluster

Within the Laniakea Supercluster there are 100,000 Galaxies

And within the Laniakea Supercluster there is the Virgo Supercluster

Within the Virgo Supercluster there are around 100 Galaxy Groups

Within the Galaxy Groups there is the Local Group

Within the Local Group there are 54 estimated Galaxies

Within the 54 Galaxies there is the Milky Way Galaxy

Within the Milky Way Galaxy there are several billion planets

And within the Milky Way Galaxy there is one Solar System

Within the Solar System there are eight Planets

And within the Solar System there is Earth

Within Earth there are 7.4 billion People

And within the 7.4 billion People there is one. You.

Why we are incredibly small, yet incredibly significant.


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