Confidence · Self Improvement

Insecurity through social media

Carefully selected photos taken at just the right angle, meticulously cropped, edited and filtered which display a seemingly perfect life, accompanied with an ambiguous caption that triggers curiosity. But they’re stills. Stills that supposedly capture happy, jubilant emotions. Manufactured emotions. Many of us struggle with insecurity when we compare our supposed flaws with others. For… Continue reading Insecurity through social media

Anger · Self Improvement

Why it’s important to seek peace, not revenge

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson We’re human – our natural reaction when someone does us wrong is anger and how best to get even, whether that someone is an ex, colleague, friend or even a family member. It’s self-defense. How can someone, whom we allowed… Continue reading Why it’s important to seek peace, not revenge