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Look back and remember who you wanted to be

Every day I pass by the same homeless man that walks around with a cart full of all his possessions on my way home from work. Every day I see him in the exact same spots, sometimes sitting at a bus stop resting his head on his belongings, other times walking up and down the… Continue reading Look back and remember who you wanted to be

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Insecurity through social media

Carefully selected photos taken at just the right angle, meticulously cropped, edited and filtered which display a seemingly perfect life, accompanied with an ambiguous caption that triggers curiosity. But they’re stills. Stills that supposedly capture happy, jubilant emotions. Manufactured emotions. Many of us struggle with insecurity when we compare our supposed flaws with others. For… Continue reading Insecurity through social media

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Forgiveness and its impact on the soul

I had said a few not-so-kind sentences out of frustration to someone this year and I saw the recipient wince as soon as I let the words escape my mouth. The genuine smile with the eyes lit immediately changed to a forced smirk with eyes full of hurt and confusion. Just from my words. It… Continue reading Forgiveness and its impact on the soul