Bedtime Thoughts

Most things start from something small

Have you ever thought about where you are now? And how you ended up there? What decisions you made that got you to where you are? I think about it often: how one incident or decision leads to another and that to another. How everything starts from small, seemingly minor thoughts and decisions but ultimately… Continue reading Most things start from something small

Forgiveness · Self Improvement

Forgiveness and its impact on the soul

I had said a few not-so-kind sentences out of frustration to someone this year and I saw the recipient wince as soon as I let the words escape my mouth. The genuine smile with the eyes lit immediately changed to a forced smirk with eyes full of hurt and confusion. Just from my words. It… Continue reading Forgiveness and its impact on the soul

Self Improvement · Understanding

4 scenarios. Choose your reaction.

4 scenarios. Choose your reaction. <poll closed> Results: You’re participating in your company’s annual volleyball tournament and after hard work, dedication and a bunch of bruises to show for it, you made it to the finals where you’ll be facing the team that has been undefeated for the past three years. What’s your reaction? Panic… Continue reading 4 scenarios. Choose your reaction.

Confidence · Self Improvement

Are you your own bully?

Self confidence, noun: a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. Trust. An important element needed in order to build a strong relationship. We use this word often and in regards to a relationship with other beings. The confidence we have in others that they will fulfill whatever it is we have bestowed… Continue reading Are you your own bully?

Bedtime Thoughts

Why we are small, yet significant

We are human beings: intelligent and advanced. We have evolved incredibly as a species, physically and mentally. We have created vaccines that prolong life, constructed language and culture, walked on the moon that is thousands and thousands of miles away from Earth, climbed Mount Everest, taken flights all around the world, captured glimpses of our… Continue reading Why we are small, yet significant

Positivity · Self Improvement

The power of a compliment

Sincere, specific and personal compliments enrich social interaction and create a positive environment. It’s how we as human beings work – we thrive and radiate from positive reinforcement. A study from National Institute for Physiological Sciences found that the effect of receiving a compliment is equivalent to the effect of receiving cash. The social reward… Continue reading The power of a compliment

Weekly Photo Challenge

Pure | weekly photo challenge

“Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity. Pureness of the mind and of the heart. The innocence of a baby or a child. The unconditional love of a parent. The prayer without any worldly expectations. The unscathed forests that illustrate authentic beauty. The wild animals in their natural habitat. The vivid and delicate flowers… Continue reading Pure | weekly photo challenge

Self Improvement · Understanding

Understanding others through a simple parable

I want to share a parable with you all which I heard quite often growing up as Jain and how that story reflects real-life situations and attitudes. There are slight variations in the parable depending on the source. Blind men and an Elephant One day, a wise man approached six blind men and asked them… Continue reading Understanding others through a simple parable