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One year

One year.

One year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and try something new.

Writing is a passion which I never knew I had. All I knew at the time was that I had all these various, eccentric thoughts and lessons I learned through my own experience or through someone else’s experience and I wanted a means to express and discuss them. Why the world is the way it is, what can be done to improve understanding between people, relationships, culture, life, God, space, family and anything below and above the stars, really.

But, to make my private thoughts public through writing and vulnerable to critique from family, friends and strangers was terrifying. I didn’t have writing experience nor did I know if anyone would have interest in what I wanted to write about. All I knew was I enjoyed it and the flow came naturally. I didn’t want to worry about the posts having impeccable grammar and wide vocabulary. I wanted my posts to be easy, casual reads and I wanted to write without pressure to perfect it. I had to do it for myself. I had to add a deeper purpose in my life. I had to pursue this passion regardless of insecurity and anxiety. And that’s what I did.

On May 17, 2016 I wrote my first blog post and made it public. Just a few weeks before, I set up a platform to write like I have done numerous times before without success. But this time I persevered from the anxiety. On May 17, 2016, I wrote a post on why it’s important to seek peace versus revenge. My first blog post was open to the public to read and I had many thoughts running in my head. I knew I wanted to write about this topic because the subject was very fresh to me at the time. I felt it was important to dig deeper into it for my own understanding as well as others. But as soon as I hit “post” I had contrasting thoughts running in my head. Is it well-written? Will anyone care what I write about? And though anything public is accompanied with opinions and criticism, it also opens the door to support.

Because of the constant support I received this past year, I found the motivation to dig deeper into the topics I care about and express my thoughts on them. I was able to write consistently on a public platform. I was able to connect with others who have similar thoughts on life and engage in healthy, stimulating discussions with them; the reason for the conception of the blog. Because of the support, I found I had a deeper passion for writing which led me to freelancing opportunities and work improvement. I realized I had the ability in me to maintain and grow a blog for a year now. And, I came across several new opportunities all because I took that initial step.

This blog is an accomplishment for me. I proved to myself that I had the patience and dedication to pursue my passion. That I had the capability to overcome my insecurity of public opinion. That I had time-management skills to balance various moving parts in my life. That I can stick to something if I really want to. It wasn’t just another blog and another post on an ordinary day. It was the start of something new and exciting and it helped me grow as a person in multiple ways.

From this, I realized if you like something but you’re scared of the results or what other people think, you’ll never take that first step. But the reality is it’s that very first step that is monumental. That yes or no option is the trickiest and the hardest but once “yes” has been selected, everything after that starts to flow naturally if the passion is there.

There is no need to perfect anything. A hobby is just that: a hobby; it’s what you like to do. Don’t make what you like to do into something you feel obligated by because you put too much pressure on yourself. I did that initially and I had to remind myself numerous times that this blog is something I chose to do out of interest and passion. With those reminders, I was able to write freely and without stress. Release that pressure and do what you want to do for yourself.

To actually commit is the first step and that’s always the hardest. But after that, I promise you it gets easier.

This blog was one of the best decisions I made.

one year


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2 thoughts on “One year

  1. Happy 1st Anniversary. Very few realize their passion in life and even fewer could hold on to it for a consistent period of time. After seeing and knowing you so closely; you’ve already made us so proud by being among those fewest. I will not be surprised to wish you 10th, 20th….or even 50th anniversary one day right here! Guess that says all about how inimitable you write!!! Keep going. GOD Bless 🙂 #Champion

    1. Kush,

      That was so incredibly sweet! Thank YOU for being the constant support throughout the year. It’s so great to always see your messages or get calls from you after each and every post just so we can have a friendly discussion about it. Thank you for believing in me. 🙂


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