Elephant poaching and materialism

Did you know 96 elephants are killed every single day in Africa? Did you know as of 2018, there are more African elephants being killed for ivory than are being born? And did you know that despite there being an international ban on ivory trading, there is a huge black market for it, especially in China? Ivory is primarily… Continue reading Elephant poaching and materialism


Aktive life: helping the homeless

My friends and I eagerly roamed around 17th street with boxes full of essential items, snacks and goodies in our hands. We witnessed, first hand, impoverished areas of San Diego not too distant from our snug, air-conditioned homes. There were a vast amount of homeless people on the street, some under rusty tents while others lacked… Continue reading Aktive life: helping the homeless

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Exploitation of religion

Religion. Many affiliate with one. Others refuse to. But it is a popular and sensitive topic that is spoken about on the news now more than ever, typically with a negative connotation. With the topic arises a wide array of emotions and opinions. All over the news we hear of individuals, who associate themselves with… Continue reading Exploitation of religion