Birthday mail

love_mail_2My birthday wish

This year on my birthday I wanted to do something a little different. Inspired by a friend of mine from Tea with Strangers, I decided I want us to connect more, the old fashioned way. I just need one thing from you to fulfill this wish: your address!

Your information is completely private and will not be shared with anyone. Whether you live a few miles from me or a hundred, whether I talked to you yesterday or five years ago or NEVER, whether I know you or not, I request you grant me this one wish to send you something. Don’t be shy! 🙂

By my next birthday, you will receive something in the mail from me, may it be a letter, postcard, drawing, photograph, item or anything really!

So, will you allow me to mail you something? 🙂


Goal: To connect people through a simple act. To mend lost friendships and relationships. To use something as simple as a letter or postcard as a means to start talking to someone new, or again. To give someone a gift and to be able to accept gifts. To spread love and joy. To make this process as simple as possible, without judgment or pressure.


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