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Believe and influence

Nowadays, it’s much easier to meet people with a guard up than with an open mind and heart. It saves us the potential heartbreak in case that person doesn’t meet our expectations. By doing this, we almost promote that person to be a certain way unless proven otherwise. That expectation influences reality.

But what if we meet people with only positive expectations of them and trust them not to break that faith we have in them? Wouldn’t that influence their thoughts and behavior, as well?

I like to believe so.

When I meet people, I expect them to be good. I treat them as so. And I trust them not to break my faith in them. As naive or foolish it may seem to most, it often works for me. If I expect them to be good to me, believe in it and treat them as so, they are more inclined to honor that faith in practice. With that faith comes bonding and trust. And with trust, influence. Slowly, but surely, I am given the gift of being a direct positive influence to them.

On the other hand, if I meet someone with hesitation and treat them as though they are untrustworthy, I am making them feel that way and therefore, they are more likely to behave that way. It encourages the behavior I am wary of. Strange, isn’t it?

Every relationship needs to be nurtured. A relationship doesn’t occur overnight. It takes an open mind, time, effort and understanding. But once it happens and that trust forms, we are given a chance to promote goodness and help them grow and blossom. That’s why it’s important we make an effort to get to know people without fixed assumptions and reluctance but rather an open mind and positive attitude. And if we consciously and deliberately make an effort to do this, we will be able promote positivity and goodness in others.

If we believe in good, good will happen. If someone gives us the power of trust, we have been given a gift that should be used responsibly.  We are all partly responsible for other people’s behavior and attitude. We have an impact in the way someone is because what we say or act towards them influences how they feel and act. Good or bad.

With people close to me, I know I have an influence on them. It came initially with an open mind, then bonding and over time, trust. It was nurtured. I have a direct impact on them and therefore, I believe it’s my moral responsibility to be there for them and help them grow to their potential. That belief, bonding and trust emphasizes, conditions and encourages a behavior I want and expect of them.

Additionally, there are a few people who have that influence over me. They have a say in my life and they can impact my decision-making and confidence and I trust them to always use that for my own benefit. That trust, motivation and belief they have in me is priceless. I can confide in them. I believe I can do anything if I put my mind to it because of them. I can grow into a better human being. And that feeling is continuously reaffirmed when I’m with them. It’s incredible. And the best part about it is we all have that in us. To make others feel that exact same way.

As I once stated, I believe my calling in life is to do good and spread kindness and love. And one of the ways it can be done is by believing in the goodness of others. That belief alone is a stepping stone in spreading positivity. And I’ve seen it work first-hand.

Get to know people. Bond with them. Trust them. And be a positive influence on them. We are all capable of doing this.

believe in you


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